Give Me Your Estimating & Project Management Team for 2 Days and I’ll Focus Them On
Getting You A Bigger Bang for Your
Project Investment Bucks!

What Your Management Team Should Know But Don’t
On Driving More Money to Your Bottom-Line


From the Desk of Henry Goudreau, C.S.L.

Studies estimate that if project management improved, time and cost could plummet 25% or more, thereby driving HUGE profits to the company’s bottom-line. Even a 5% profit increase for the average company results in found cash that it never had!

The reason this never happens is the result of many companies dropping the ball in these three vitally important areas.

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Assuming that the corridor of information between estimating and project management is a freeway for the flow of information when in fact it is crippled with landmines, barriers and speed bumps designed to stop an armor truck.
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Assuming profit breaking potholes of late completion or cost over-runs on projects are the costs of doing business.
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Ignoring AND uncovering the signs of transition planning deficits that are sucking the life out of the company’s true profit potential.

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Project Management is a ‘Specifics’ Component Game

Current studies also show that most problems in the field of estimating and project management are not just behavioral but also technical especially in your informational corridor. This is because of the lack of a fully developed system that takes the project from estimate to completion.

That means that equipping estimators and project managers with high-tech tools and software does nothing to improve performance.

To maximize results your estimators and project managers need to know the game plan. They need to fully understand:


The bottom-line results for you the business owner is this:

Better Skilled Players = Better Project Results = Bigger Profit Margins!


It’s all About the BIG Picture!


It’s not a rocket science but is all about the right focus. For the most part, too many in this industry have never received the right training or they have ‘lost’ their focus and are spending their entire day attempting to extinguish the very fires they are starting themselves as a result of an ill-equipped project operations system!

Give me your estimators and project managers for two days and I will reveal to them:

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How to plan a project from the estimate to the operation for maximum return!
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How to recognize and snuff the life out of the risks and mitigation strangleholds that are lurking around every project.
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Applying the P.O.M. framework for project success!

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How to handle “scope creep”
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The 6-Step ‘Big Picture’ Planning Method
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Systemizing a complete project control process
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Developing the Key Component of a Project Timeline that Gives FOCUS!
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The detailed format for an effective project management system manual
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The One-Step Element that virtually eliminates the 90% Trap!
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Establishing an effective change order control system that really makes money!
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How to uncover the potential problems before they cripple the work
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Setting key milestones and utilizing slack to increase profits!
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The FOUR Key Elements to project control and profitability, if you don’t have them or know them you are throwing money away!
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A Powerful “Extreme Focus” 9 Point System that ties it all together so it’s clear and actionable
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And more . . . a whole lot more!

Announcing, the First of Its Kind …

“Estimators/Project Managers Operations System Building Boot Camp
for the Contractors Management Staff”

A Graduate Level Course
for All Estimators/Project Managers Working for Contractors

What:  A two-day intense training program featuring live training

When: >>>>>>>>> To Be Announced <<<<<<<<

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM (Continental Breakfast and lunch provided)

Where:  Hampton Inn, 5995 Cattleridge Blvd., Sarasota, FL 941-371-1900

Tuition: Early Bird Tuition - SAVE $500 by registering now! You pay ONLY $1297 for the first person, and $497 (you save $200) for the second or more person(s) from the same company.

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Some Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Having Your Estimating/Project Management Staff Attend This
Systems Building Boot Camp for Operations!

  1. They’ll discover efficient, productive ways to organize and structure their projects far more productively than before!
  2. They’ll rid themselves of the negative perspective of how they perceive doing their job!
  3. They’ll be HIGHLY ENERGIZED and MOTIVATED giving your business the “JOLT” it needs to get it going in the right direction!
  4. They’ll increase your bottom-line expectations!
  5. They’ll be the HIGHLY TRAINED and EFFECTIVE business tool you need for your company and its future success!
  6. They will completely understand the “Big Picture!”

This Training Is Your Leverage Point and the ONLY Way You Can Equip Your Estimators & Project Managers With the Specific Tools and Skills They Need In Increasing Your Bottom-Line Potential!

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Registration Information

Seats are limited! Guarantee your spots in this dynamic business-building by enrolling and paying your investment fee today. A confirmation will be forwarded to you by e-mail and snail mail containing all the hotel information once your payment has been accepted by our system.

Program Schedule
Check-in: 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Program: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Lunch to be provided

Registration fees are non-refundable. Substitutions and/or credit for other boot camps are not allowed. No refund for cancellations or no-show.

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Why Would You Want Your Estimating & Project Management to Attend?
4 great reasons:

  1. Job satisfaction. One of the biggest reasons employees jump ship is because their current employee is too cheap to provide the tools and training necessary so they can excel at their job. Working becomes a mundane, repetitive and negative chore for them. This course is a smart investment in employee retention since it will equip your employees with the powerful tools that will enable them to do 10 times more work in less time and make more money for you while doing it!
  2. Advancement. Training will help your estimating & project management staff to advance and specialize thereby making you more money!
  3. Lifelong Skills. Your estimating & project management staff will acquire a valuable skill set that will continue to pay HUGE dividends years from now. All which directly benefits you and your company when they discover how to drive more profit to your bottom-line!

And finally …

  1. Certification. Your staff will become certified. After this boot camp, all graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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This boot camp is limited only to 60 attendees, so register today. We expect this class to be filled within a short period of time just with our Golden Hard Hat member’s operations personnel alone. You need to register today to insure the number of seats you want for your office personnel.

Henry, I want my people to get this powerful training

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